evolve FCU offers a wide array of Certificates of Deposit to suit your needs, and you can open your CDs directly from your home banking and mobile app! Plus, Platinum, and Diamond Elite accounts qualify for a rate boost! Click here to view our Membership Plan.

Term Share Certificates (CDs)*

  • Term Share Certificates are time deposits which require a minimum deposit of $500
  • Terms are available for 3 months or 6 months and 1 year – 5 year

CD Saver (CDs)*

  • The Boost CD Saver is a 1 year term share certificate which requires a minimum deposit of $50.00
  • Unlimited deposits are allowed into the CD saver
  • Earnings are paid on a quarterly basis
  • Withdrawals are not allowed

Jumbo CD*

  • For members that are looking to save a little extra on their large deposit the Jumbo CD is available to them
  • This special offer will add .10% to our current rate on balances over $100K
  • This rate special is only applicable to CD terms 1 year and over

Liberate CDs*

With our liberate program you can opt to step-up to a better rate, if you bring your CD from any other financial institution, evolve FCU will apply a rate boost interest amount to the rate on four to five year terms.

  • Members with existing CD’s with a term of 4-5 years who bring new money equal to the amount of the existing 4-5year CD will be rewarded with a rate boost of .25% above our best rate (same term on new CD required).
  • The member has the option of either accepting the rate boost of .25% for bringing new money, or can choose not to accept the new money rate boost and have a one-time Liberate on this CD for future use.

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We invite all who live, work, worship, or attend school in El Paso County, Texas and Dona Ana County, New Mexico to take advantage of the services we offer!

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*Refer to Truth-in-Savings Term Share Certificate Disclosures for complete list of terms, penalties, and individual account requirements. Early withdrawal penalties apply for all term share certificates. APY is Annual Percentage Yield.